Unearthly Paranormal Stories

Unearthly Paranormal Stories Podcasat takes real storeis from real people and re-tells them in a fun and unique way

Unearthly Podcast writes Paranormal Stories from real experiences and re-tells them in a unique and fun way.

Ep02 – The Cold Basement

When 13-year-old Michelle is invited to an older friend’s slumber party, she is thrilled to be included. Arriving to the party she is surprised to learn that the girls will be sleeping in the spooky cold dark basement. Throughout the evening she’s plague with the feeling of being watched, and a chill she can’t shake. When the girls play truth or dare, Michelle has to decide what she is willing to do in order to fit in.

Tonight’s episode is a paranormal tale wrapped with friendship complications, the growing up, and a loss of innocence.

It questions if a room can hold memories, feelings and burdens. It wonders if some are more sensitive to paranormal experiences than others. It reminds of us all of how easy it is to disregard our gut feeling when we so desperately want to belong. 

Tonight’s story was shared by Michelle, and since it’s not one that she tells openly or frequently, I was touched that she so candid with her experience.

So, sit back, try to relax as you remember that this story is based on a true event.


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Drawing by: Emily Adams (to see more go to www.emily-adams.com )

Drawing by: Emily Adams (to see more go to www.emily-adams.com )