Unearthly Paranormal Stories

Unearthly Paranormal Stories Podcasat takes real storeis from real people and re-tells them in a fun and unique way

Unearthly Podcast writes Paranormal Stories from real experiences and re-tells them in a unique and fun way.

Ep06 - Glass

This paranormal story was shared with me by someone that I’ll refer to as B.  It is from an experience that they had as a child, and I thought it would be fun to write the narrative from a younger point of view. Once the story was complete, I thought it would be even more fun, to have it read by a child as well.

So, joining me on this episode is a very special young lady named Mia. This was her first experience with podcasting, and she did a fantastic job. I think  you’ll agree, and if so, could you be so kind to give her a shout out in one of our Unearthly groups. I know she’d be thrill to hear from you.

Music by: The Blank Tapes


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