Unearthly Paranormal Stories

Unearthly Paranormal Stories Podcasat takes real storeis from real people and re-tells them in a fun and unique way

Unearthly Podcast writes Paranormal Stories from real experiences and re-tells them in a unique and fun way.

Ep09 - A Ghost Story

Sit back, try to relax as you remember that this Ghost Story, is based on true events.


A few months, a dear friend of mine sent me his paranormal story. Now normally  people will either tell me or send me a summary of their experiences, I interview them, and then I set off to write.

But that’s not how this episode came to be. You see, my friend (who wishes to remain anonymous) is a fine writer in his own right. After reading his story, I realized that he had done the writing for me. I wanted to make this clear because as a writer I have a lot of intrgity for the craft and would never want any to take responsibility for a piece that wasn’t my own. So, I hope you enjoy my friend’s tale. I know I did.

When a group of teenagers are left alone in a house situated in a county rich of Civil War history, they decide to have some innocent fun with a homemade Ouija Board. The older boys believe that they are responsible for moving the makeshift planchette, until something that none of the can explain, takes over, leaving them with an experience that they have never forgotten.

So, sit back, try to relax as you remember that this Ghost Story, is based on true events.


Music By: The Blank Tapes

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Announcement: Due to us being in Crime Con, the final episode of Season 1 will be released on May 17th!


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